Holiday dancing shoes

Golden Line shoe drive


courtesy of Mrs. Vicki McCarthy

The Golden Line squad stands behind their collection of shoes.

Two thousand pounds of shoes… that’s literally a ton.

In light of the holiday season Golden Line collected shoes for people in need.

“Golden Line is always about helping each other,” Zoë McCarthy, Golden Line, said. “As well as helping others.”

In past years Golden Line raised money by selling t-shirts and pizzas. This year they decided to try something new.

“Sometimes when fundraising it is hard to ask people for money,” Mallory Neizing, Golden Line, said. “But everyone has old shoes lying around that they can donate.”

The girls donated the shoes to Gateway 2 Give, and they pay Golden Line for each pound of shoes they collect. Golden Line plans to use that money for their Nationals fund.

“We chose the charity because we thought it would help people in need,” McCarthy said.  “And especially in the winter time it helps them and it also helps us with our Nationals too, so it benefits both.”

Gateway 2 Give sells them to exporters, who then resells the shoes at an affordable price to developing countries, working to decrease the amount of shoes in the landfills and bring clean water to developing countries.

“I’m really proud of their drive and setting this whole thing up,” Mrs. Kara Mueller, Golden Line coach, said. “Along with the initiative they’ve shown.”

Students who donated were able make a difference in multiple ways.

“My family and I wanted to help out the charity and to help out Golden Line with Nationals,” Blake Harvey, shoe donator, said. “And we knew it would go to a good cause.”

Donators not only helped out Golden Line and Gateway 2 Give, but they were also able to get rid of some clutter.

“We haven’t gotten rid of a lot of our shoes in a while,” Harvey said. “So we donated them all.”

Golden Line went to Nationals in Disney World last year.

“The whole experience of being in Disney World with your best friends and just the thrill of getting to perform on the Nationals stage is really fun,” Rachel Bultas, Golden Line, said.

With the help EHS and Gateway 2 Give, Golden Line will be able to experience Nationals again.