Book review: “The DUFF”

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When Bianca Piper is called a DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) by the popular heartthrob, Wesley Rush, it bothers her more than it should.

Bianca knows she shouldn’t care, considering she can’t even stand Wesley, so Bianca tries her best to avoid him and his persistent use of the word; she is unsuccessful.

When Bianca feels like her life couldn’t possibly get any worse, she and Wesley are suddenly paired together for a project and, to her surprise, she finds him seemingly easy to vent to.

But how could their kindling friendship ever last? And why would this popular heartthrob want to be seen with a DUFF?

I was ready to find out.

I’ve been wanting to read “The DUFF” for years, so as soon as I saw it was becoming a movie I bought a copy.

I was not disappointed.

The “DUFF” was an easy and quick read that kept me engrossed the whole time. I actually read it in just one day.

The most amazing part is that the author Ms. Kody Keplinger wrote this book at only 17 years old.

This makes the novel incredibly relatable and helped me realize that other people feel like a DUFF at times, too.

It had the perfect amount of romance, friendship and comedy.

Ms. Keplinger’s character Bianca has a negative viewpoint that adds a bit of comedic relief and close friends who stick by her no matter what.

Everyone can learn something valuable from this book. It opened my eyes to think about the feelings of others and not judging at first sight.

This book was super cute, eye opening and not as cliché as one might think.

Before seeing the movie, check out the book.