Know: A Rockwood student was one of the 102 students in the state of Missouri to receive the 2017 Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

Inform: Madeline Domain, a fifth-grader at Stanton Elementary, received the silver medallion, April 7, because of the work she has put into making care kits for children undergoing chemotherapy. Domain’s aunt Katie died from cancer in September 2015, inspiring her to begin her volunteering. After her aunt was diagnosed, Madeline and her sister started to sell cookies at neighborhood garage sales in order to raise money. When Katie died, Madeline wondered what more she could do in order to help others going through the same situation. She researched the needs of children in chemotherapy and then asked her principal if she could get her school’s students involved in making “chemo care kits.” With the help of the staff at Stanton Elementary, Madeline presented the idea to her entire school. She requested items to help kids deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, keep them comfortable and keep them busy (hand sanitizer, blankets, games, puzzles, etc.). Maddie and her fellow students have assembled more than 400 care kits to date. In May, Madeline will be headed to Washington D.C. on an all-expense-paid trip to be recognized for her work.

Care: Domain is an example of how one person can make a difference. She is a role model for not only the kids at her school but all of Rockwood students.


Know: A school shooting took place at North Park Elementary in San Bernardino, California, April 10.

Inform: According to the New York Times, the police identified the shooter as 53-year-old Cedric Anderson. Karen Elaine Smith, Anderson’s wife, worked at the elementary school as a special needs teacher. Anderson entered through the front office and underwent routine procedures, police said. Anderson then walked into his wife’s classroom and without speaking opened fire on Smith. After shooting his wife, he pointed to gun towards himself and released the trigger dying before police showed up. Anderson also injured two students standing behind Smith: eight-year-old Jonathan Martinez and a nine-year-old student. Martinez was airlifted by helicopter from the school to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived. The 9 year old was also taken to the hospital and is in stable condition, the NYTimes reports.

Care: Since 2013, there have been over 200 school shootings across the country. In that time, three have occurred in the St. Louis area. School shootings have become a serious threat anywhere, including schools. School districts have taken steps to increase security, establish procedures and provide training. Anderson just walked into the school.



Know: President Trump met with Xi Jinping, president of China, to discuss a range of issues.

Inform: Follow up meetings occurred April 10 and the two finished with a phone call, April 12. The initial meeting was mainly focused on introducing themselves, since it was the first time they’ve met. Later, the topics turned to focus more on North Korea. With North Korea ramping up its missile development and nuclear program, Trump had to speak his concerns about Kim Jong Un’s unpredictability and ever growing military dangers with the current President of the People’s Republic of China. The two leaders established a new framework for high-level negotiations on a range of issues and pledged to make progress on trade negotiations within the next 100 days.

Care: The United States and China have had a complicated relationship in the past. With North Korea becoming a serious threat, Trump and Jinping should focus on the future and establish good relations before North Korea does something that could negatively affect both China and the United States. Whether it be a nuclear attack or a collapsing state, North Korea has many unpredictable routes it could go that would cause issues here in the United States and overseas in China as well.