Taylor Werges

The Eureka Police Department Canine Unit places their canines in loving homes with their handlers, May 18.


Know: Over 150 police K-9 teams gathered in Eureka for the North American Police Work Dog Association, May 7.

Inform: The N.A.P.W.D.A. trainers and handlers got together in the small town of Eureka. These canines–as well as their handlers–get nationally certified every year by going through a series of scenarios and tests. This is the third year it was hosted in Eureka by K-9 Officer Sergeant Michael Werges. The teams get certified in the following specialties: obedience, aggression control, tracking, building search, area search, evidence search, narcotics detection, explosive detection and human remains detection.  If these dogs use their skills, such as bomb detection, without having national certification the K-9 team can get into legal trouble.

Care: These canines keep the streets and students safe by sniffing the lockers and cars at EHS for narcotics once a year. Without them, students could be struggling through drug-related abuse without detection. Teenagers who participate in these activities have a high risk of getting to  cars and creating havok on the streets. The Eureka Police Department Canine Unit continues to ensure safety in the community.


Know: President Donald Trump’s plan to construct a wall between the southern border of the United States and the northern border of Mexico has heated relations between the two countries causing widespread controversy among American citizens.

Inform: According to CNBC news, Ronald Vitiello, deputy chief of border patrol for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, stated at a Senate Committee hearing in May 2015, “It’s a lot more expensive than we expected when we started, and it was much more difficult.” Since Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico, has refused to fund construction, the border wall could cost the U.S. billions of dollars, adding a 20 percent increase in taxes on imports from Mexico. Trump continues to show his strong opinions about the people who live beyond the border. According to MSNBC, Trump stated, “You have people coming in, and I’m not just saying Mexicans, I’m talking about people that are from all over that are killers and rapists and they’re coming into this country.” The wall has created controversy.

Care: Although the physical wall wouldn’t affect over three-fourths of the county, there will be higher prices in goods–such as fruits, vegetables, and alcohol–imported from Mexico. Higher prices lead to less available income for families which could affect sales in other areas of the Eureka community.


Know: North Korea successfully tested the Hwasong-12 missile, May 14.

Inform: The North Korean government launched the Hwasong-12 missile near the city of Kusong, about 120 kilometers northwest of the regime’s capital, and reached an altitude of 2,111.5 kilometers and flew 787 kilometers (489 miles). According to the CSIS Missile Defense Project, it is the longest range transportable missile that North Korea has successfully tested to date. The missile was in the air for approximately 30 minutes and landed off the coast of North Korea about 100 miles out. According to the New York Times, Kim Jong-un has a new plan to “improve his ability to strike the United States without setting off an American military response.” It is said to be able to carry a nuclear warhead. A missile like this could potentially reach San Francisco in about 30-34 minutes and the U.S. base on Guam in 19 minutes.

Care: Although this was an experiment for North Korea, American officials are concerned these tests could be an advance in the formation of missiles and could result in North Korea’s unexpected advancement of their military. Missiles could now reach countries that the United States are allies with, threatening potential imports and exports made by the U.S. government. Not only does it affect other countries, the United States now has a direct threat of missiles reaching any targeted American territory in a matter of minutes.