Gun violence, Gold Star families and tropical storms



Know: De Smet Jesuit High School assistant football coach and former Northern Iowa defensive back, Jaz Granderson was found shot to death, Oct. 16.

Inform: The 27 year old Kirkwood High School graduate and former college football player received a fatal gunshot wound to his chest on his way home to South St. Louis in the 5100 block of Minnesota Avenue at 1 a.m. Witnesses said they heard gunshots, a car speed off and Granderson plead for help. Granderson was then transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Authorities still have no information of a suspect or motive. Hundreds of people including members of the De Smet football team, homicide detectives and other mourners filled the Washington Avenue block surrounding the Central Baptist Church for Granderson’s funeral, Oct. 23.

Care: Gun violence in St. Louis is on a rise, with 151 of homicides attributing to firearms. The most dangerous street in St. Louis is Natural Bridge Avenue where 20 homicides have been committed in the past year. Gun control is a growing controversy. While the Second Amendment defends the right for people to bear arms, access to these weapons is higher than ever before, and causes an increase in homicides by 65%. Stricter background checks and higher pricing of weapons will keep those from seeking a gun for criminal purposes. Anyone in any community can access a weapon for any reason they desire, so educating future generations about the solemnity of guns is the first step to decrease violence.  


Know: An ambush in Niger killed four U.S. Marines and injured two, Oct. 4.

Inform: 50 militants who are believed to have ties to the Islamic State, interrupted an American and Nigerian meeting, killing American soldiers. President Donald Trump failed to publically acknowledge the deaths for twelve days. While he addresses many current events on his Twitter page, he failed to address this event. He still hasn’t posted a tweet about the incident. A Gold Star describes a family member who has lost a loved one in military service. Instead of focusing on grieving over their loss, a Gold Star symbolizes the family’s pride in the sacrifice of their loved one. The first Gold Star was used during World War I.

Care: Speak Up is a program put in place at schools to help students and teachers learn how to speak up against prejudice, bias and stereotypes. Instead of taking a backseat towards these issues, this program encourages people to face them head on. Eureka Equity is a two year program consisting of students of various backgrounds that talk about what current issues with society are and how to properly address them.


Know: Storm Ophelia blasted the southern coast of Ireland killing three people, Oct. 16.

Inform: The category 3 hurricane is now one of the strongest to hit Ireland in 50 years. Winds of the storm have reached up to 110 miles per hour. Ophelia knocked down power lines and trees, casting 30 foot waves. Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board said power outages will be a part of the country for days, as 360,000 homes and business went without power.

Care: Natural disasters are rising in power. Researchers attribute the increase of powerful storms to global warming. Higher sea surface temperatures (SST’s) cause a bigger threat of powerful storms. These major hurricanes will continue to occur until the SST’s go down. Using less gas and recycling will reduce carbon footprints and greenhouse gases that cause rises in temperature. Making small adjustments to lifestyles will benefit the environment and help future generations fight global warming. Within a small community making changes as small as walking instead of driving to restaurants on Main Street will help conserve energy and make a difference.