A Ballpark Village shooting, a star found guilty of sexual assault and international peace talks


Becca Newton

Jordyn Hammel and Sarah Guardia (12) pause for a selfie at at Bush Staduim during the senior class field trip, Apr. 11.


Know: A shooting at Ballpark Village in downtown St. Louis left two victims hospitalized, April 29.

Inform: Two victims, described as men in their thirties, were severely injured by a shooting at Ballpark Village, April 29. One victim was shot in the head and another sustained an injury due to a shot in the thigh. Both of the injured persons were innocent bystanders to an aggravated dispute between patrons at the venue and were immediately taken to the hospital. This shooting was unexpected and the shooter escaped. Homicide detectives are currently investigating the case.

Care: The shooting took place across the street from Busch Stadium, the home of the St. Louis Cardinals. The EHS Senior Class took a field trip to Busch Stadium, April 11, and the Cardinals are an integral part of St. Louis culture. The incidence of gun violence in St. Louis and beyond is part of what prompted students to walk out of school, April 20, in protest for stricter gun regulations


Know: A jury found Actor Bill Cosby guilty of sexual assault, April 26, in the retrial of the 2017 mistrial that had left the jury split and indecisive.

Inform: A jury found Cosby guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault, April 29, against Andrea Constand, a woman whom he not only sexually assaulted, but also drugged in 2004. The accusations from Constand are not isolated and thirty-five other women, five of whom testified in the retrial share similar experiences. This is the second trial that Cosby has faced for this case, the first took place in 2017 and ended in a mistrial. Each of the three recent felonies are punishable with up to 10 years in prison.

Care: Cosby’s acting career as a sitcom star and reputation as “America’s Dad” have forever been marred by the allegations against him and resulting felonies . This fall from grace in the public eye is not uncommon, however, as the #MeToo movement in the past year has shed light on countless examples of hidden or previously unspoken sexual assault cases. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens  has recently faced investigation for a sexual assault case involving an extramarital affair, which is reminiscent of the Cosby case.


Know: Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea has pledged to shut down the country’s primary nuclear testing site in May.

Inform: After a summit meeting between President Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Kim Jong Un, April 27, South Korean officials report that North Korea plans to shut down its main nuclear testing site sometime in the next month. In addition to making this significant step toward world peace by making moves towards denuclearization, Kim Jong Un has also promised to invite foreign press and experts from the U.S. and South Korea to witness, document and verify the event.

Care: North Korea has been a hotspot of political debate and concern recently, as the country’s increasing nuclear power and missile tests are a threat to the stability of universal diplomacy. The United Nations voted in December on “United action with renewed determination towards the total elimination of nuclear weapons,” in an attempt to create a safer global environment. President Donald Trump has also voiced extreme concern over the state of North Korea and has spoken and tweeted of an upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un to discuss peace and denuclearization.