Governor Greitens goes out

The Missouri Governor announced his resignation


Ryan Bircher

Governor Eric Greitens announced his resignation, May 29.

Missouri Governor Eric Greitens resigned following allegations of sexual misconduct and facing multiple investigations, May 29. 

Police indicted Greitens on a count of felony invasion following a 2015 extramarital affair, Feb. 22. The governor announced that he had done nothing wrong and had no intentions of resigning. 

Police indicted Greitens a second time, charging the governor with computer tampering, April 20. 

Later, Greitens and his office came under fire yet again after allegations arose of an unauthorized signature, May 4. 

Throughout the ongoing investigations, several politicians took to social media to call for Governor Greitens’ resignation. Still, the governor refused to resign. 

Greitens announced the end of his 17-month run as Missouri Governor, citing strenuous legal bills and pressure on his family. 

The resignation will become effective Friday, June 1 at 5:00 p.m.