Lights, camera, action, Annual variety show showcases students’ talents

Singing and dancing might not sound like a unique form of entertainment, but this year’s variety show acts proved to be original and worthy of praise, Jan. 13 and 14.

“I didn’t really know what to expect from the performances,” Olivia Dames (10) said. “I was so shocked when everyone did so well. Austin Lewis (12) and Jessica Maldonado (12) did fabulously.”

Starting the night off with kicks and giggles, Grass, Nelson, Kevrick and McCoy introduced the performances with skits parodying movies like “Twilight” and “Mean Girls,” and a sing-off between Ke$ha (Grass) and Lady Gaga (Nelson).

“I really liked working with Kara, Andrew and Olivia,” Kevrick said. “It made us grow closer as friends and I was so happy that I got to perform with them and provide so much entertainment. It was really fun being completely crazy and outrageous on stage.”

Leading off the acts,  Alexandria Buettner (10) demonstrated her cultural Irish dancing, and, closing the dancing portion of the show, Arin Dorlac (12) danced the ever popular evolution of dance, incorporating a variety of songs from Vanilla Ice to N*Sync.

“It was so much fun getting up there in front of my friends,” Dorlac said. “I’m really glad everyone loved it because I put so much time into it. I chose to do that type of dance because I love making people laugh and I wanted to do something risky for my senior year.”

The ovation didn’t end at the dance numbers, though. Onstage! performed “Cinema Italiano” by Kate Hudson, which they debuted in their dinner show, along with other performances, Dec. 5.

“I had been so busy last week getting ready for this performance,” Gabrielle Dean (12) said. “When the show started and I started singing it was a great stress reliever and it reminded me that all this work is worth it in the end because we could all tell that the crowd really enjoyed it.”

The audience welcomed back the returning singers of last year: Rebekah Roy (12) belting out “Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain, Jessica Maldonado (10) singing “Stronger” by Christina Aguilera and the local band Hostage comprised of Jakob Brosman, Alex Duchild, Harold Baker and Corey Stefanic (10).

“The variety show overall was phenomenal because I was able to witness groups like the Steppin’ Cats work together to become amazing and pump up the crowd,” Dean said. “[This was] the best one I’ve seen from Eureka actually.”

This was the eleventh annual variety show put on by Ms. Donna Baker, Onstage sponsor, raising money for the choir classes.