Opinions: Hindsight: Goals

What are the actual goals?


One of the many pictures on Twitter with the overrated caption: goals.

I know I complain about the things I see on social media quite often.

And I will continue to do so.

I cannot scroll through Twitter without seeing pictures of mansions, Audis, pools, beach houses, yachts, etc.

The caption to each of these pictures: Goals.


Yes, those things are nice. They are wants. But how are those things earned?

All of those things are earned when I get an education, a well paying job and work my way to make six figures every year.

I cannot buy a $1-million mansion with three Mercedes in the garage if I settle on working at McDonald’s for the rest of my life. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

I’m not a celebrity; everything is not going to come easy.

But none-the-less, if I want all of that stuff, I’m going to have to make something of myself.

The real goals posted on Twitter should be associates degrees, or bachelors degrees or masters degrees.

Now, I understand that maybe these photos could be a symbol for hard work. The nice homes and luxurious items are all motivational objects for the future. They may motivate people to get up and go do something extraordinary with their lives.

But what I see when I look at these images is naive teenagers assuming that all things will be given to them.

Not me.

An education is what is going to ultimately lead to my success. And then, after I’ve worked for my Masters degree in business management and climbed my way to being a CEO of an insurance company, I’ll get to buy a mansion with six rooms. I’ll be driving my Bugatti with suicide doors. I’ll be tanning on the shoreline of Mexico in my yacht just because… why not?

I strive to see past the physical. The mansions, the cars, the private tennis courts and giant boats are all a cover-up. The real goals are what lead up to that life of bliss.

Hard work is what will get me there.

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