Opinions: Hindsight: Dressing for the weather


Nick Hoeflinger and Katie Rippe (12) sport appropriate fall fashion with long sleeves, pants and even a jacket, Oct. 10.

My weather app is my  most-used app. I check it every morning, sometimes two or three times if I am not fully awake the first time I open it. The day’s weather determines my wardrobe choices.

Tuesday morning I almost walked out of my house with shorts on, but my mother mentioned that pants are more suitable for the weather. I thought about her logic and went back down to my room to change into pants.

The temperature was cold Tuesday morning like it is every morning in the fall with a temperature in the 50s.

We all need to make sure that we dress appropriately for this chilly weather.

And yes, I realize the temperature gets warmer as the day goes on, but I’d rather have a jacket and not need it later than to have no jacket and freeze earlier in the day.

I know that the sun is out and that makes the weather seem warmer, but it’s not. I’m not going to walk out of the front door of my house with shorts on if the high temperature of the day is 65 degrees.

I don’t care who you are, that’s chilly. I would like to take this moment to plead with my fellow females; Girls, no one can pull off shorts with UGGs.

That outfit was acceptable in middle school… for the most part. I don’t think teachers thought it was okay, but we chose to ignore them. But here, in high school, the UGG/shorts combo is not okay.

The mix of those two articles of clothing is… just no. That attire looks as if the poor girl is confused as to what season it is. It’s okay, honey, I can help. The season is currently fall. Please cover up.

And guys, I’m talking to you, too. Don’t be walking around school with shorts on like it’s still August.

Dressing warm is common sense. Why would I want to freeze all day long when I have the option not to? Not to mention, the school feels like it’s 20 degrees inside.

In every one of my classes, I am covered in goose bumps from my shoulders down. I even bring a jacket to school in the summer because the inside of our school is so cold.

I stop wearing shorts, t-shirts, sandals etc. when the temperature is in the  high 60s. It’s just too cold!

Think about it. I’m sitting in class around mid October wearing a light t-shirt, jean shorts and sandals. I say “Oh my gosh I’m so cold.” All of the other people in the room are looking at me thinking, “That’s what you get for not putting on more clothes.”

Another issue with dressing appropriately for the weather: our peers lose their clothes.

Because I chose to wear something that allows me to freeze while in class, I ask a classmate for his/her jacket. They don’t want to be cold either. Let’s be considerate of others and wear a sweatshirt of our own before we go and take their jackets and hoodies, shall we.

Personally, I take a person’s jacket and end up keeping it for multiple days, months even. I don’t keep them that long on purpose, but hey, it’s  in my closet so why not wear it?

Besides stealing hoodies, being cold during school is also disruptive to our learning. I don’t know about you but when I’m cold, it’s all I can think about. I keep thinking if only I’d brought a sweatshirt, it’d be so cozy. I just cannot pay attention to what’s on the board when I’m shivering in class.

Before we leave the house in the morning, let’s put on our thinking caps and check our weather apps. Will I get cold later on in the day? Am I cold now? If the answer was yes to either questions, I put on more clothes!