Opinions: Hindsight: All for one and one for one


In this photo illustration, Trey Culleton (11) saves himself and only himself from his theoretical problems.

Recently, Floyd Mayweather ‘s ex girlfriend sued him for $20 million dollars. In order to justify putting hands on her, Mayweather claimed that his ex Josie was on drugs when the incident took place.

Mayweather has a lot to lose. He has a public reputation, and, coincidentally, he will say whatever he needs to say in order to keep that reputation from being stained.

And now, here I am thinking.

Not everyone has morals.

If it is necessary, someone else will throw me under the bus, and I have to be prepared to do the same.

My brother and I are extremely close. We tell each other a lot, and we keep a lot of one another’s secrets. One night (about a year ago), I decided to leave my house around 11 p.m. after my mom had already told me that I couldn’t go out. I told my brother that no matter what, do not tell mom where I was.

Long story short, my brother ratted me out, lead my mother to where I was, and she came and picked me up.

You could say she wasn’t very happy. At all.

My point being my brother threw me under an 18-wheeler because it was easier than being interrogated by our mother.

My brother said what he needed to say just to get himself out of the situation.

Now, sure, it was selfish on my part to put all that weight on his shoulders, but we had a sibling agreement. We are always supposed to cover each other’s backs.

That is a super low-key example. In real life, this concept of stabbing someone else in the back could be amplified by x 1,000.

I work in an office, and my coworker tells me to copy a document because our boss asked him for it. I forget about it because I’m busy with my own work, and eventually my boss asks for that said document. Guess who’s getting thrown under the bus?

You guessed it. Me.

So what if my coworker and I are good friends? He’s going to do what he needs to do in order to keep his job. Simple as that.

Mayweather is clearly throwing Josie under the bus to save himself and probably his money, as well. Who would want to cough up $20 million? Nobody.

Ideally, everyone would look out for one another. Instead of throwing each other under buses and semis, we’d prevent each other from even walking into the street. But that’s our society.

We’re selfish. And we will do whatever is necessary to save our own skin.