Seeing is believing, Proceeds from a local run help to aid a blind student


If one takes a quick glance around the room, they are unlikely to consciously take in everything around them.  While many take sight for granted, Matthew Gamewell (12) lives every day without this ability.

For those who have not had the pleasure of meeting Gamewell, he received the P.E. student of the year last school year.  

“My favorite part about getting the award was being recognized by the football coaches,” Gamewell said. “It was very nice of them and I got a medal.”

While receiving the award deserves attention, it is Gamewell’s vision impairment that is getting consideration. Being legally blind and in a deteriorating state, the community has taken action to bring some aid to his situation.

Each year the St. Louis County Lions Club holds a Run for Sight in order to raise money to provide some essential items to blind candidates which are normally overlooked.

“Each year the run is organized for a different person,” Ryan Zieg, Gamewell’s aid, said. “As Matthew gets older he begins to need more things such a talking microwave or a reader that reads aloud to him.”

The seventh annual run is being held during Eureka Days, Sept. 10. This charitable 5k run/ 3k walk costs a mere 18 dollars and the money goes towards aiding equipment for Matthew.

“I would like a wheel chair,” Gamewell said. “When I go to events and it is dark outside and I can’t see they can just push me around.”

While the state of disability is apparent, most circumstances of being blind are unknown to students.

“There are so many things that people with sight take for granted,” Zieg said. “These things are being provided by the money raised. It won’t entirely go to Matthew but it definitely helps purchase a few things on a list that he is going to need.”

From reading in the classroom to simply programming a microwave, everyday tasks for most are more complicated for Gamewell.

This run will provide some necessities for Gamewell and gives everyone the chance to raise awareness for a cause they otherwise wouldn’t notice.

“The run for sight is a great cause because it doesn’t get as much awareness as other causes such as breast cancer,” Alexa Franke (12) said. “I don’t think about all the things I take for granted like my sight, and this run is a great wake-up call that Matthew deserves.”

As a selfless act that students can participate in, this run brings purpose to “seeing is believing.” If everyone believes they can make a difference, then Matthew Gamewell will get the attention he deserves.