Resounding success

Tri-M establishes new musical community

The Eureka High School chapter of Tri-M Music Honor Society was created by Ms. Patti Fleer, Orchestra teacher, in the fall of 2011 so students would receive recognition for their activities in music.

“It’s like the National Honor Society, but it’s musicians,” Ms. Fleer said. “It’s just one more affirmation of their talent and their dedication to music in choir, orchestra or band.”

There are 46 current members who elected Lindsey Davis, Symphonic Band saxophone, as president; Miranda Luze, Choir, as vice president; Jaclyn Nischbach, choir, as secretary and Eve Thomas, choir, as treasurer.

Requirements include maintaining a B average in music as well as at least a C average in all other classes.  Once inducted, Tri-M members must volunteer in the musical community by attending or ushering other organizations’ concerts or participating in Solo & Ensemble, a competition where students can perform a solo or create a group with other musicians and deliver a piece chosen by their teacher or themselves.

“The meetings are only once a month and they each last only 15-20 minutes,” Chloe Lozano, Concert Orchestra cello, said. “The volunteer work is pretty easy, too.”

This year’s induction ceremony took place in the library, Feb. 22. It featured Luze, the keynote speaker, who spoke about how she has benefited from the music program, as well as performances by band, choir, and orchestra ensembles. Inductees recieved a pin and a certificate.

“Others should join Tri-M because it’s a great way to meet other people who are involved in music,” Thomas said.

Musicians are able to interact with musicians in other musical classes because of the environment that Tri-M creates.

“I’ve learned to understand other aspects of music besides the way that band works. Orchestra and choir are completely different things than band, whether it is how they do rhythm counting or what kind of songs they play,” Davis said. “It’s really cool to see the different aspects of music that work in different ways.”

If the society expands next year, then members will be able to convey their love of music to a wider spectrum of people. Tri-M intends on increasing the number of audience members at various concerts.

“There has always been a rivalry between orchestra, band, and choir.” Marisa Passiglia, Symphonic Orchestra cello, said. “Tri-M is something that we can all do together.”

A love of art is what connects musicians throughout EHS.

“Bringing everyone together is a huge deal because we are not as segregated. Choir, orchestra and band all come together,” Nischbach said. “I think that’s very important for the music department.”