Mr. Thoman wants you… to go to a baseball game

Seniors miss school to attend Cardinals game.

Administration invites all seniors in good standing to graduate to miss school and attend a Cardinals Game where the World Champions will be playing the Pittsburgh Pirates, Thursday, May 3.

The $30 cost includes a ticket to the game, a hot dog, soda and transportation to and from Busch Stadium. The seniors will leave school at 11:00 a.m. and return after the game around 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Dan Thoman, senior class principal, is giving this opportunity to the Class of 2012 for the wellbeing of the student body. He hopes to develop the socialization between students who normally might not have the chance to speak to their friends during school.

“It’s about school spirit and pride in your class. Not everybody gets these opportunities, so maybe we can help a lot of people who wouldn’t get to experience this type of game or venue,” Mr. Thoman said. “I think there are a lot of benefits.”

Students will be able to enjoy this time with their classmates during their last couple weeks of school.

“I just think it would be fun,” Taylor Seavey (12) said. “Being able to come together and support something bigger. We’re about to graduate, and we get to hang out with a lot of kids that we might not see again.”

The Cardinals reserved a 300-seat section, and Mr. Thoman is eager to sell tickets.

“We have to sell at least 225 of the 300 section in order for us to go,” Mr. Thoman said. “We are expecting to sell at least 225 tickets, and I imagine with a class over 450, we can do that.”

Students with prior commitments (sports practices, play rehearsals, work, etc.) may pass. Others may need to take every opportunity to prepare for upcoming Advanced Placement testing or finals.

While senior schedules are busy, the game is a last chance for seniors to enjoy each other’s company together as a class before graduation.

If interested in seeing the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, visit the Junior/Senior Office and pick up a permission form from Mrs. Cindy Hirsch.

Completed permission forms must be returned to the Junior/Senior office with the $30 payment by April 16. All questions can be directed to Mrs. Hirsch.