Top five likes about the holiday season

The holiday season brings joy and times of cheer to students here at EHS.

Here are the top five things people enjoy doing this holiday season.

5. The most liked thing about the holiday season is receiving gifts. “I like getting gifts,” Corey Hoffmann (10) said. “It makes me feel cared about.”

4. Baking for the holidays: “I love baking for my family when they come for the holidays,” Julia Mattie (10) said. “It really gets you into the holiday mood.”

3. Giving gifts: “I really like making people happy,” Drew Miller (11) said. “I love seeing there facial expression when they open it.”

2. Christmas music: “It makes me feel holly and jolly,” Harold Baker (12) said. “It gets me excited for the holiday season.”

1. Spending time with the family: “I love the holiday season,” Olivia Mauer (11) said. “That’s when I get to see my whole family that I haven’t seen all year.”