One acts; two, three, four kisses


Ryann Walgren

Emily Wildenhaus (10) and Nick Vogel (11) practice their lines and blocking for the Senior One Act “Hard Candy” directed by Dan Roesch (12) outside the small theater after school, April 14.

Senior One Acts are a set of short plays instead of a full show directed by seniors. This year’s One Acts will feature three comedies and one drama: “English Made Simple” directed by Michaela Wolz, “Hard Candy” directed  by Dan Roesch, “A Wedding Story” directed by Paige Ondr, and “Loyalties” directed by Mary Tomlinson.

Unlike the atmosphere of the larger performances, Senior’s One Act rehearsals are laid-back. The student director and assistant director watch the actors go through their lines, quietly correcting and perfecting the acts.

As the performance looms closer the atmosphere changes.

 “Things start becoming hectic when Ms. [Susie Allmendinger, Eureka Theatre Company sponsor] starts watching our acts because then we really have to have our lines memorized not just the stage direction,” Emily Wildenhaus, a lead in “Hard Candy,” said.

Ms. Allmendinger provides polish to these new director’s efforts; the entire show is student directed.

“I’m the producer. I supervise, critique and provide the opportunity for the seniors to experience directing a show of their own,” Ms. Allmendinger said.

As Senior One Acts sound leader, John Engle has watched all the student-directed one acts evolve, each performance has left its mark on him.

“The reason [the one act ‘Loyalties’] is my favorite is because it explores a lot of ideas that I hadn’t really thought about with nationalism,” Engle said.

On the lookout for a credit card reader, loud speaker and a desk, Jamie Westermeyer, the props leader, jots down props that the acts need while enjoying their performances.

“Michaela Wolz’s [English Made Simple] is definitely my favorite,” Westermeyer said. “Andrew Guardia and Sarah Lockwood are really funny.”

Senior One Acts are a unique experience for the actors and the audience.

“With one acts everybody gets to try something new, but with plays it’s basically the same people doing the same thing that they’ve always done,” Emilly Hoffman, the voice in “English Made Simple,” said. “With one acts other people get to do whatever they want and perform in more settings. Plus with one acts more people can get parts.”

Premiering May 3 and 4, students should line up during any lunch shift to purchase the $5 dollar ticket, Monday, April 29.

“Students should come see the one acts because they’re entertaining!” Wildenhaus said. “We all worked really hard on them, and they’re full of and directed by talented people.”