Emily Grossnicklaus

Emily Grossnicklaus took this photo of the Copenhagen Airport in Denmark while traveling through Europe, June 14, 2015.


Know: Spanish 4 students are giving presentations regarding global poverty at an awareness fair, Thursday, March 24.

Inform: Students have been researching the cycle of poverty, including organizations dedicated to making a difference in that particular field, according to Mrs. Jenni Highfill, Spanish teacher.

Care: “The overall purpose of the fair is for students to develop their global competency–their ability to investigate the world around them, recognize the perspectives of others, communicate their ideas effectively to an audience, and translate those ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions,” Mrs. Highfill said in an email, March 22. “Students will be able to use the information they have learned to create change in the world, rather than keeping it to themselves.”



Know: The Justice Department stated March 21 that Apple is not obligated to create a universal “key” to unlock the iPhone used by a gunman in the San Bernardino shooting, Dec 2.

Inform: The government has claimed that an outside party demonstrated to them a way to get into the iPhone without Apple’s help. Apple has strongly opposed giving the FBI a back door into the phone due to privacy violations related to concern that they may have to unlock many other iPhones in the process.

Care: There are nearly 75.23 million Apple customers worldwide. All Apple customers are entitled to their privacy, especially on their devices. It is likely that these devices contain some form of private information. This claim made by the Justice Department shows that the FBI will seek alternate routes to get the information they need despite putting personal freedoms at stake.



Know: At least 30 people were killed and 230 were injured in attacks at Brussels Airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels, Belgium, March 22. The attack on the airport happened at approximately 8 a.m., while the metro station attack happened at approximately 8:40 a.m.

Inform: ISIS claimed that its “fighters” carried out bombings that contained explosive devices and belts. It is widely speculated that the group that carried out these attacks is connected to the group of terrorists that carried out the attacks in Paris, Nov. 13.

Care: Spring break has just ended and many students spent their breaks abroad, including in Europe. It is important to consider the safety of an ideal destination before travelling to it, as well as being prepared to seek safety in the event of another one of these attacks. In addition, journalism students enrolled at University of Missouri, Columbia are currently studying in Brussels. All of the students are safe and unharmed from the attacks.