Opinions: The little things: All the “whys”

Re-directed to something even better


Hannah Mellor

At the end of “The Notebook” by Nichols Sparks, I discovered one section of the novel that really spoke to me and changed my perspective on life. This passage boosts me up whenever I lose my way.

Often I catch myself wondering about the “whys” in my life. Why did this happen? The drama of high school life (boys, mean girls) pressed down on one of my best friends to the point of collapse, and I had no idea. Why didn’t she say something to me? Why did this have to happen to her? Why now?

I have to have faith that the universe has a plan and that that plan is always in motion.

I’m a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. People come into my life to teach me a lesson. I dated my ex-boyfriend for seven months, and I was crushed when we broke up until I realized I could have those same feelings for other people.

I make stupid mistakes and learn from them. When I left an “empty” paper carton of ice cream out on the counter next to the recycling one night, I woke up to find milky mint slush all over the counter and dozens of ants slurping up that sugary goodness.

Some of the most memorable experiences in my life won’t necessarily be the ones I seek out but the ones that will happen to me. When I was a child, all I wanted was a baby sister. When I found out I was going to have a baby brother, I was furious and devastated. 13 short months after, I was blessed with the little sister I had always wanted and now they are both my best friends.

Sometimes it’s even the simplest of things.

On the way to my friend’s house our car wouldn’t startand there was an accident involving a drunk driver on the route that would have hit us if we were on the road.

Another time my phone went dead right as I was about to make a call… because it would have  led to a huge fight with my mom about something small and stupid like how I didn’t do my laundry.

After a long day, all I wanted to do was take a bath but there was no more hot water because I would of missed out on making cookies with my family.  My little brother and sisters throwing flour back and further. My mom singing and dancing around the kitchen. My dad making jokes about how his cookies are going to be better than anybody else’s.

I realize now every time I thought I was being punished with bad karma or rejected, my life re-directed to something even better.

I work hard to achieve.  When I think I have failed, I’ve learned that maybe in the long run it really wasn’t a failure. When I put all my effort into making the volleyball team I wanted only to figure out I didn’t, a new team welcomed me, turning out to be the best season I’ve ever played. I was captain. I made so many close friendships. I met my best friends.

I may not see it today or even in a week but in the next few years all the missing pieces will fall into place. I will be grateful for all the things I once wanted that didn’t work out.

So until that happens, I’m going to laugh at the struggles, smile through the pain and understand that every little encounter in my life is all part of my plan.

With time, all my “whys” will be answered.