Katie Dames

Maddie Bumeter, Kylie Meyerkord, Elle Baker, Andrea Porter, Lily Goldberg, Abby Schroeder and Grace Eickel (11) get fired up for the powderpuff football game, Sept. 29. EHS’ Spirit Week had no behavioral issues, so students had the privilege of experiencing Spirit Week in its entirety.

**Updated Oct. 7.


Know: Oakville High School cancelled their powderpuff football game, Oct. 3, as punishment for a student tradition gone wrong.

Inform: Participating in a pre-powderpuff tradition, Oakville students vandalized an unidentified man’s house, Oct. 2. When the man came outside to confront the students, they tried to drive off but unintentionally ran over the man and dragged him down the 2400 block of Southwind Meadows court in Oakville, giving him serious injuries.

Care: Last week was EHS’ Spirit Week. The students acted in a respectful, spirited manner throughout a week deeply rooted in traditions, including powderpuff. These traditions are privileges for students and are by no means guaranteed. If EHS students continue to show respect for the community, the spirit week traditions students love will continue.


Know: Polls suggest that Governor Mike Pence of Indiana defeated Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia in the Vice Presidential Debate at Longwood University, Oct. 4.

Inform: While viewers criticized Pence for dodging questions about Trump’s tax returns, people favored him because he remained more calm and interrupted less than his opponent Kaine.

Care: There are 32 days until the election and two more presidential debates. Although Pence won our post debate poll, Clinton won the Hub’s poll from the first presidential debate, so the EHS community is still on the fence when it comes to deciding on a presidential ticket. The vice presidential candidate should be considered when deciding on a presidential candidate.


Know: Hurricane Matthew made its way through the Caribbean, Oct. 4, causing displacement and destruction

Inform: Haiti received more destruction than any other country. Six people died, over 350,000 people are in need of assistance and the hurricane virtually wiped out the entire city of Les Cayes. The hurricane also landed in eastern Cuba and destroyed the city of Baracoa.

Care: Matthew is on its way to the US. The hurricane is expected to hit the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, Oct. 7, and will continue to travel up the east coast through Oct. 8. . The east coast, especially Florida, is a popular vacation spot and students from the classes of 2015 and 2016 and earlier attend college in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. Though Eureka is a midwestern town, it is no stranger to the destructive power of water through floods. Keep the people of Haiti and Cuba, as well as Florida, Georgia and South Carolina in your thoughts.

**Since publishing this story, Haiti’s death toll from Hurricane Matthew rose to over 800 and still continues to rise.