Opinions: Hindsight: Nobody cares


Natalie Hinds

Why I posted this picture is beyond me. Sorry.

When I think of the word “tweet,” I think of the noise that birds make not a post from someone on Twitter, especially because so many people’s tweets are just noise.

I made a Twitter account two years ago, and three months ago I logged out, permanently. Letting everyone know what I’m doing every second of every hour of every day is not necessary, at all.

If I’m in the middle of drama with my clique, I’ll keep it to myself. I don’t want everyone to know how my friend stole my boyfriend or how my other friend talked about me behind my back.

That’s not the whole world’s business.

facebook was once a tool to reconnect with old friends and/or new ones and keep them updated on a person’s life.

Now facebook is like an overflowing trash bag from high school that someone has dumped out in the middle of The Commons and called it art.

I’m 99 percent sure everyone on facebook doesn’t want to know how you just got a girlfriend.

Five minutes later: Oh she broke up with you?

Five minutes after that: “Lookin’ for a new girl.”

Okay. Good to know.

What’s worse are the people on facebook with the “LMS” statuses:

“Lms if you love food.”

“Lms if you’re havin’ a good day!”

“Lms if you love puppies.”

Like… no. But the absolute worst of the statuses are…

“Lms for a rate.”

“Lms for truth is.”

“Lms for a good morning/ goodnight post on your wall.”

That person literally has nothing better to be doing at that time.

It’s their facebook, and they can post what they wish, but is it necessary to blow up everyone’s newsfeeds with your momentary relationship? I have had shoes older than that.

This emotional vomit creates more drama and issues than it does create meaningful connection.

Let’s make a pact. Let’s go outside and play a sport instead of sitting inside staring at a computer screen.

I’ll meet you at the park.

We can do our homework together.

Perhaps if we don’t dwell on the insignificant details of our lives we will be able to live life more fully.