Opinions: Hindsight: Rockwood Confessions


With 1,246 tweets, Rockwood Confessions has plenty to talk about. I’d like to point out that the account has 1,334 followers. They are 88 tweets away from having one tweet for every follower.

Destroy Rockwood Confessions, please.

I know you all are familiar with or have heard of Rockwood Confessions on Twitter. If you haven’t, here’s an explanation: people from a Rockwood school send in offensive tweets about people from another Rockwood school to an anonymous person who runs the account. Classy, right? My only thought when I read their tweets is “stop.”

And sure, not every tweet is negative. There are some that are positive like “so and so is such a nice and funny person,” but go ahead and look for yourself. The mean tweets definitely outnumber the nice ones.

Why would anyone say so many negative things about their peers? I get that not everyone gets along…we can’t all be best friends. And I have people that I’m not very fond of, but why does everyone have to be so mean? Everyone is always saying how EHS is one big family, yet we go behind each other’s backs and say so many hurtful and nasty things about one another. That is not what a healthy family does.

We need to stop this, people. Really. It’s not okay.

Rockwood Confessions hurts people’s feelings. It causes unwanted drama. Worst of all, it makes EHS look like just another public school. When I think of our school, I think of the family that we spend almost every day with, not a bunch of kids who insult each other for fun. 

Someone sent in to Rockwood Confessions: “I would be so ashamed if the owner of this account went to Eureka…-EHS.” I agree. This hateful tweeting about everyone needs to end.

I know there are quite a few people that want Rockwood Confessions off of Twitter, so lets get rid of it.

The only way Rockwood Confessions will stop existing is if everyone quits sending in tweets. I don’t care if you don’t particularly like a person or someone said something bad about you. Don’t acknowledge it, ignore it and above all do not send a tweet about them to Rockwood Confessions. The sooner we stop with the tweets the better.

We’re being too mean to each other. And the more we allow it to happen, the more that meanness becomes the norm, the acceptable thing. We don’t want this. So much hate will make our “family” at EHS become more of just a bunch of kids who talk badly about each other. We are better than that.

Even if Rockwood Confessions doesn’t end, there is another way to handle the situation. UNFOLLOW THEM.