Opinions: Hindsight: Making it through


Riding horses with my best friend Tori Beemer (10) makes a “Life is a waste of time,” day a hundred times better.

There are only two moods that I possess:

  • Life is wonderful.
  • Life is a waste of time.

Those may be dramatic, but hey, I’m being honest. I’m either having a really good day or a really bad day. There’s no in between.

We all have those days that just don’t go our way.

I won’t do well on a quiz. I’ll run out of lunch money. A friend and I will get in an argument. And so on.

I can’t help but walk through that school day really upset. Then I get to go home to be overwhelmed with an hour or two of homework, which is too much for me.

But then there are those days where everything goes my way.

I get to hang out with my friends and have fun, and my plans don’t get ruined or messed up. Maybe I get to go out to the farm and ride my horse for an hour or two and get away from life for a little while.

Days like those are the best.

It’s too bad that every day isn’t a “life is wonderful” day.

No matter how the day goes, life goes on.

I have to deal with whatever life throws my way. I know this in my head. 

When I’m having a “life is a waste of time” day, I’ll usually put my ear buds in and blast music so that I can’t hear anything else. I won’t talk that much. Actually, a lot of the time, I’ll be silent on that kind of day. And almost always, I’ll go out to the farm after school with a friend or by myself and I’ll ride my horse until dark.

I don’t like to be one to mope and dwell on the crappy things in life. Moping doesn’t help me or anyone around me, so why do it? I am always determined to make the best out of each day.

My “life is wonderful” days will outnumber the “life is a waste of time” days because I have the willpower and my own little personal remedies to get through it instead of complaining.