Opinions: Hindsight: Karma

Eventually, it will catch up to me


Katie Rippe

If karma catches up with me, I’ll be alone with no one to blame but myself.

Okay, so I’m assuming everyone has experienced the wrath of karma, right?

My definition of karma is when you do something wrong, mean or ignorant and later receive a taste of your own medicine.

Without my mother knowing (because she didn’t want me to get it done), I got my belly button pierced, Jan. 8. And because I thought I was sneaky and clever enough to hide it from her, karma made sure I got what I deserved.

I went online, bought a belly-button piercing kit, and I had my boyfriend pierce it for me. (My adviser is yelling that she didn’t want to know this as she reads my column.)

Loooong story short, I went to stretch, my shirt slid up past my belly button, and mom flipped out.


I did what my mother told me not to do, and karma took care of the rest. I didn’t have the keys to my truck for two whole weeks. It was terrible. (The sad part is that I only successfully hid the piercing for not even two months.)

And karma may not be something that minor. It could be a lot worse.

I’ve ditched all of my friends to hangout with my boyfriend every weekend. I kept ditching them until they finally just give up on talking to me all together. My boyfriend and I broke-up. Who was I left with? No one. 


It may be harsh, but it’s my fault that I had no one to go to because I’m the one who pushed everyone away.

However, I do find a great deal of humor in karma.

Let’s say I make fun of a kid in class because he still plays with Pokémon and his mom still dresses him for school every day. He then turns out to be the guy who digs up millions of dollars in his backyard. And when I’m begging for spare change on the sidewalk (metaphorically of course, that would never happen hopefully) he’ll have the upper hand. 

Again, it’s harsh, but it is definitely karma.

I think we should steer clear of making karma-prone decisions. (Yeah, I just made that word up) Karma-prone decisions are the type of decisions or choices that could come back to bite you in the butt later on in life.

I’m going to strive to be a person that keeps a clean slate with karma. The last thing anyone needs, including myself, is for karma to come and kick me in the face unexpectedly.

Don’t be the person who makes fun of the quiet kid or pushes their friends away… or gets their belly button pierced without their mom knowing. There will be consequences whether it be right away or way down the road.

Trust me, karma will catch you eventually.