Opinions: Hindsight: Wishful thinking

Optimism= good Wishful thinking= bad

Either the glass is half full or it’s half empty.

Now I am a happy person almost 100 percent of the time. I tend to make the best out of things if they don’t go my way, and I think that being optimistic about crappy situations is a really good thing.

But wishful thinking is the complete opposite.

I will explain.

This is an unfortunate example, and forgive me for being so harsh. But when my grandpa had a stroke and was taken to the hospital, my family and I all hoped and prayed that he would make it, but I’m sad to say that he didn’t.

All I can remember was how disappointed and upset we were when we received the news. And I feel like our wishful thinking lead us to even more agony.

Think about it.

When I take a test in Geometry (the worst class of my life), and I just accept the fact that I’m not going to do good on it, I don’t feel half as bad as if I were to think I could get a decent grade. It saves me disappointment and unwanted stress. So what’s the point of wishful thinking?

I feel like wishful thinking causes me to be more upset about situations if they don’t go my way, which is why I try my best to avoid it.

Say there’s a party this weekend and I just assume/hope my mother is going to let me go to it, but then she says, “No.” Instant disappointment.

If I would’ve made her saying, “No” an option in my head, I would’ve been a lot less upset when she actually didn’t let me go.

See what I’m saying?

I strongly advise to avoid wishful thinking. It prevents stress, prevents disappointment and will leave you a happier person. I don’t think wishfully, and I have to say that a good amount of stress is dodged because I do so. And I understand that wishful thinking and hope are natural things for humans to do, but just try not to for a week. Let me know how it went.

Was I right…. or nah?