Opinions: Hindsight: Eliminating sugar coating

I’ll tell it like it is


I hate when people can’t tell it like it is.

When I tell a story, explain something to another person or just plain have a conversation with someone, I’m blunt, to the point, just straight forward. (At least I try to be 100% of the time.)

There’s nothing more annoying to me then someone who can’t get to the point. It’s either yes or no, blue or red, true or false. There is no need for kind of, maybe, somewhat, etc.

For example, I’ll ask one of my friends to hangout. She says, “Yeah, well I’m with so and so right now… maybe later we can hangout, but I have soccer practice later at like 6… so yeah, I don’t know. Maybe.”

Quit it! It’s obvious that we’re not gonna hangout so just say, “No, I can’t hangout today.”

It’s not that complicated. Then, instead of wasting my time wondering if she and I are going to hangout, I can make plans with someone else.

And then there are the times when I get in trouble with my mother. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad trait to have, I think it’s good, but I’m almost always straight up when I’m in trouble with Mom.

This is how it goes:

Mom: “You were out half an hour past your curfew.”

Me: “Yep.”

Mom: “What were you doing? Where were you?”

Me: “Hanging out with friends at so-and -so’s house.”

Mom: “Okay, goodnight.”

Looking at the conversation in text, I sound like a brat (again, telling it like it is), but there’s no use in sugar coating it or lying to her. I was out until 12:30 a.m.; I was with my friends. That’s the truth.

I wasn’t kinda with some friends hanging out. I was. End of story.

I think it’s important not to sugar coat everything because then I won’t know the actual truth. If I ask my brother where he is and he replies with “Shell,” and I drive there to pick him up and he’s not there, I’ll call him.

Then he’ll explain to me that he was at Shell, but then him and his friends got bored and walked to the park. Okay… so he’s at the park.

Being blunt and forward about things prevents me from getting in a bigger pickle later on. If I tell my mom I’m at Tori’s but I’m really at someone else’s house, it’s going to be harder to explain why I’m there and I’ll get in trouble. So instead of getting in trouble, I’ll just tell my mom where I actually am. Piece of cake.

It’s simple. Cut to the chase. No long and unnecessary stories. Please and thank you.