Opinions: Hindsight: My addiction

I am literally wasting my time


Hopefully my bunny Pepper will keep me off my shopping addiction.

I shop online 24/7.

Ebay, Craigslist and Bodycandy.com (a source for body jewelry) are the top three that I’m constantly shopping on.

I can’t go a day without online shopping. It’s become one of my addictions.

Having hobbies is a healthy thing, but having addictions? Not so much.

Whenever I’m at home and need to be cleaning my room, I’m shopping online.

Being on my laptop for half of the day prevents me from being productive.

But having a hobby is totally different to me.

Sure, hobbies can be addicting, but it’s not an addiction.

With a hobby like baseball, horseback riding or building bird houses, it’s a lot more productive and a better use of time than scrolling through products on a screen all day. With all those examples, I could be increasing my patience, my skills with the horse, hitting a baseball or gaining engineering skills.

The difference between having addictions and hobbies is that hobbies are a productive, healthy activity to do in my past time. Addictions, like my online shopping, aren’t healthy and waste half the day away.

Let’s look at it this way, whenever I hear about an addiction, it’s associated with drugs and alcohol. You never hear about a guy with a drug hobby, you hear about a guy with a drug addiction. See what I’m saying?

I need to get my crap together. Seriously. I spend WAY too much time wasting my life away looking at things that I wish I had.

The exception being my bunny rabbit, Pepper. My boyfriend and I got him off of Craigslist, and now he’s my new time consumer. He’s the cutest thing ever.

My online shopping needs to lessen. Instead of Craigslist, I’ll clean my room. Instead of ebay, I’ll go to the farm and ride my horse. Instead of Bodycandy, I’ll wash my truck. (My truck is filthy right now.) And I will no longer lose work time in class because of online shopping. Yeah, I shop online in school. No more I tell you! No more.