Opinions: Hindsight: Keep it together

Nine more days until freedom! Well… eight for me


Chris Barnett( 10), Taylor Balleau, Forest Nettles, Nick Hoeflinger and Katie Rippe (12) are all still hard at work despite the end of the school year being so close.

With nine days of school left, I’m getting antsy. Extremely antsy.

My whole outlook on school has gone from “I need good grades” to “I’m done.”

I keep forgetting that I still have to apply myself in my subjects and continue to learn the last of the year’s lessons.

It is so hard to pay attention. It is so hard to try.

Summer is right around the corner for crying out loud! The anticipation is killing me!

And I know I’m for sure not the only one with this anxiety.

But I cannot quit in my classes. I still have to pay attention, learn, take the last of my tests and get good overall grades.

A plan I’ve made for myself:

Instead of falling asleep in my classes, I’ll smack myself in the face to wake up.

Instead of not doing my homework anymore, I’ll still do it (for the most part.)

Instead of treating school like the last two weeks, I’ll treat it like the first two weeks.

I must and will keep it together for nine. more. days. (Actually eight days for me because I’m going to Florida.) I am determined to get good grades on my finals, and then I can have two months of freedom!

Keep it together everyone. We can do it. Nine. more. days.