Opinions: Hindsight: Movie days

What is the point?


Mrs. Baker’s Onstage class sings and dances to The Little Mermaid.

The past three days in school this week have been nothing but watching movies in all but two of my class. Five hundred eighty-eight minutes of doing nothing productive.

This bothers me.

What is the point of being at school if we’re not learning or being productive? Why watch movies all day? We could have been taking the last two finals that are on the 27th in these non-productive three days.

And yes, I understand our school calendar had to be extended because of the snow days, but wasn’t that to make sure we learned what we needed to? It wasn’t added for us to watch movies.

I’ve seen “Despicable Me,” “The Secret Life of Bees,” “Up,” “We are Marshall,” etc. throughout my classes these past three days.

And I’m probably the only student in this school who’s actually complaining about it, but school is supposed to be for learning, not wasting my time. (My adviser protests this statement, claiming I routinely waste time in her class. And I admit I am guilty, but I’m also 16.)

We could have had our sixth and seventh hour finals done and over with if we had used these pointless days right. But no. Watching a bunch of yellow minions and three little girls help a super villain is much more productive.

I don’t want to be at school if it’s pointless to be here. I texted my mom 30 minutes ago to ask her if she would call me out. I’m bored, and I should not have to wake up at 6:30 a.m to watch movies.

School is for learning things, accomplishing things and being productive. It’s not to stare at a screen for 45 minutes at a time.