Opinions: Hindsight: Try

Get back up.


I’m going to miss seeing this girl every week.

As a human being, I have two choices in life when I get knocked down: stay down, or get up and try to keep going.

Now I have to say that life has kept me down for a little while at certain points, but I always do my best to move on from its slaps to the face.

A week or two ago, I lost my horse. She didn’t pass away, I just simply couldn’t pay for her anymore. I have a part time job that gets maybe 15 hours a week if I’m lucky… but that’s another story.

Anyways, I’ve always been one of those girls that is obsessed with horses, and when I lost my horse of three years it was like life stabbed me in the heart (clearly worse than a slap to the face, if you were wondering).

And after sitting on the ground for a while, I got back up. Once I did get back up, an amazing opportunity came my way.

One of my family friends owns a couple of horses. His wife and him offered to pay me to ride their horses for them two or three days a week.

Um. Yes.

I get to be around horses AND get paid for it. What a dream come true.

Not only will the extra money help me out with gas and food, but I’ll get to spend time with my favorite animal in the world (since five years old).

If I let life win the battle after things don’t go my way, then my life will always be miserable.


If I do something about it, get up and wipe the dirt off my pants, good things are sure to come my way.

All there’s left to do is try. I have to try to make my  life better. Life will knock me down. It’s up to me to get back up.