Katie Dames
This is Katie's second year on staff. You can follow her @kdamesEHS_hub. Her hobbies include going on Tumblr, writing and listening to alternative music. Other in school activities that Katie is involved in include StuCo, Mock Trial, French Club and NHS. Her favorite food is tacos. Her favorite song is "Tongue Tied." Katie's special talents are blowing things out of proportion, having extraordinary dreams, and dancing very badly. A fun fact about Katie is that she is a Gryfinndor. Her favorite TV show is Food Network. After high school she wants to study communications in college and study abroad as much as she can. She wants to go to law school, but she is not entirely sure because she hates confrontation and filling out paperwork. In a perfect world she would have her own island in the Mediterranean or live on a lavender farm in the south of France. The conversation she wants to have with the world is that everyone needs to accept that we are not all the same, and accept people for who they are. Intolerance isn't something inherent in humans, it's stems from ignorance. Learn about people, research different cultures, look at other people's point-of-view. Be empathetic and educated.

Katie Dames, Eurekana Editor- in- Chief

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