Opinion: Hindsight: I CAN get satisfaction

Do something today, achieve your own satisfaction


You would not imagine how messy rabbits are. Nonetheless, I actually somewhat enjoy cleaning her cage every day. It satisfies me and makes Ashe happy!

A couple nights ago I was laying in bed at 1:00 a.m (wide awake nonetheless) when I heard my phone ring. I had a text message.

The text told me that $70.00 had been added to my pay debit card from work.

I immediately got excited because just two days before, I had spent all of my money on my pay card.

Let me just say that I was so satisfied with myself when I read that text message.

The feeling of satisfaction is something I wish for everyone to experience because, personally, it lifts my mood.

Things that give me the great feeling of satisfaction: getting an “A” on my math test, closing at work every weekend (and leaving with a ton of tips) and cleaning my entire room. Leaving work with pockets full of cash is the best feeling in the world. The load of dollar bills lets me know that I did my job right and my efforts were recognized.

Most days I obtain the satisfaction by completing my homework or cleaning something… weird, I know.

I’ve learned that instead of getting home from school and going straight to my bed to sleep I try to do something productive–something that will result in my satisfaction: I’ll clean or organize anything, especially my room. And the satisfaction I feel when I’m done with my tasks makes me feel like I could conquer the world (figuratively speaking, of course).

Monday afternoon, I decided to go to Castlewood with my boyfriend Tanner and his dog Sonny to get some exercise. Being outside, being active and breathing in the fresh air made me feel A-MAZ-ING. Who needs to sleep when it’s nearly 60 degrees outside? Nobody.

The only hard part about achieving my satisfaction is starting my task or creating my goal. Take this column for example, I’ve had writer’s block for a good two weeks, and I’ve been struggling to obtain the satisfaction I crave every day from writing my columns.

But trust me, knowing that you accomplished something at the end of every day makes your day that much better.