Opinions: Hindsight: Drunk woman explodes in gas station

What if this headline read instead: Community mourns woman who lost life in car accident?


The woman who doesn’t actually exist drove off of this road into a local gas station and blew up, March 27.

I bet that headline caught your attention, didn’t it?

When scrolling through CNN.com, as I do every day, headlines like, “Young mom crushed by gravel truck” and “Why the n word doesn’t go away” are majority of the stories that catch my eye.

My point: these headlines are not only mediocre and blunt they are undignified.

If I were the husband of the young mother who was killed by a gravel truck and I went to look at CNN’s website and read that insensitive headline, I’d. be. furious. I am furious even though I didn’t know the woman at all.

There is no sympathy within that headline. There is no grief.

There is no sign of respect for that woman or her family, her friends or anyone who could have possibly known her.

The honest truth is that majority of the headlines on the news and their websites are extremely disrespectful.

“Why the n word doesn’t go away”…Really? Is that a headline? Not only is that headline amateur, it basically contradicts itself. The reason that the n word doesn’t go away is because there are articles about how the n word doesn’t go away.

My thing is the more we bring up the “n” word, the more it’s going to stay. Something that is always made the topic of discussion will remain the topic of discussion.

There is no trace of dignity left for anyone involved in any story produced by the media. This must change.

Not everything reported by CNN or KSDK or Channel 5 has to be so disrespectful and blunt.

Perhaps I should turn my attention towards New York Times or NPR; more reputable sources. I shouldn’t be wasting my time with thoughtless news sites anyways. Right?

Obviously there isn’t much to be done when it comes to mainstream media itself. Although, I have joined the media, and work from within to reshape its direction.

The best we can do as a society is boycott “news.” Better yet, we could boycott social media in general.

No one watching, listening or reading = no more lousy headlines, articles and columns.

We all know that the reason these headlines are so vulgar is to grab the reader’s attention. That is the exact purpose of these ignorant headlines.

If we all realized as a whole that the news exploits every story they cover, eventually it would reflect in the news.

Instead of “Mother shot and killed by gang” we’d get things like “Shooting results in mother’s death.”

Sure, both of those headlines are depressing, but one is blunt and unsympathetic, while the other is much more respectful and considerate.

Everyone deserves to hold on to their dignity, but when it comes to media coverage, the amount of dignity left is close to zero.

Like my headline?