In their Shoes, Girls tennis


With skirts longer than the boys cross country shorts and an attitude bent on winning, the girls tennis team moves eagerly through the season.

Whether it is a game of singles or doubles, the girls use their fast reflexes and sharp minds to outplay their opponents.

The girls’ teamwork is also one of the best things about them.

“The difference between the girls teamwork and boys is that the boys are mainly focused on who they are playing that day, while the girls are close and hang out a lot outside of school,” Mr. Jason Conley, head coach, said.

Making each match count and beating opponent is one more stepping stone to the top.

“The season only goes to October so it goes by really fast, unless you’re on varsity.” Katie Bauer, Varsity Player, said.

With only rain to falter their cause the girls are playing a team or practicing outside with balls flying all the way to victory.  The teams lining up in the way of the Eureka girls only to get served in the end.

“Our main rivals are of course Lafayette and the other Rockwood schools, but it’s more about who were playing in our conference,” Coach Conely said.

Tennis like other sports goes through conference, districts, sectionals, and finally state.  The team does have a lot of potential with many new and young girls joining each year even when old talent was lost.

“We lost a lot of good seniors last year, so were definitely not up to where we were,” Conley says.

Though tennis is mainly an individual or doubles sport there a lot of teamwork, cheering and overall fun that they all share with one another.