Opinions: A Paige from her book: WASTE OF PAPER & TIME

Last Friday, I did the same thing I do once a month: clean up the newspapers after third lunch is over on distribution day. I was going through collecting mounds of newspapers when I saw one had writing on it. It read: “A WASTE OF PAPER & TIME.”

My initial reaction was to just throw the paper at the bottom of the stack so no one else would see it and continue to collect more newspapers. As I continued to collect newspapers, those words stuck in my mind.

I searched through my stack and found the paper. As I flipped through sections of the newspaper, I found different notations covering the page, like “IDGAF” written on the double truck, the two-page spread feature in the center of the newspaper.

At first I was hurt, but then I realized this is just an example of what is wrong with our generation. We have opinions and thoughts, but we choose impractical means of voicing them.

I was not upset because of the writing found on the newspaper but rather the way that person chose to express his/her opinion.

Feedback is always appreciated. Obviously someone thinks the newspaper is a waste of paper. Rather than griping about it on the pages of the paper, why don’t they write a letter to the editor and actually try to convey a rational, thought-out opinion?

Better yet, actually join newspaper. Try to help push online features rather than paper features and help with publicity so more people will read the newspaper. You “DGAF” about the double truck? Great! Help us find a topic you feel is more relevant to the majority of people.

I know this is not everyone’s opinion. On several occasions I have seen people reading over different stories in the newspaper and talk about different topics discussed in the newspaper with their table.

This isn’t the first time or the last time someone will write negative things on our newspaper, I’m sure of it. I just hope that someday members of our generation will stop complaining about what they see as wrong and instead take action and use their opinions to make a difference and affect change.