Kathleen Oliver, a friend to all

Kathleen Oliver, a beautifully singing, Chik-Fil-A loving, passionate Cardinals fan, passed away Thursday, Aug. 15.

Kathleen was an avid Nutella eater, and her voice reigned over the Wildcat Cheerleaders as she stuck her ‘claws’ in the air exclaiming, “Meow meow meow” to the Catpound. Constantly putting herself out there for other’s entertainment was a pastime of hers, creating a stockpile of great memories and embarrassing pictures.

Whether she had pom-poms in her hands, or red lipstick painted on accompanied with an Onstage dress, her smile was electric. Her laugh boomed through EHS, and she was known for making people smile as well. With more fans and friends than Luke Bryan, those lucky people had the honor of knowing her and her sarcastic, fun-loving nature. The energy she exuded was felt from the science wing to the math hall and will be greatly missed.

Condolences are extended to the families and friends of Kathleen and her sister, Lauren Oliver, a recent graduate of EHS.