Opinions: Hindsight: Hashtag week on instagram


#selfiesunday; I took a picture with a “dead” old man at The Darkness, a haunted house, last weekend. He proposed to me hence the beautiful, bloody ring.


Beauty rains over Instagram. We get to see all of my gorgeous selfies… Just in case you forgot what I looked like within the two-day weekend away from school.


My followers get to see my mancrush, whether it is a celebrity, my boyfriend or a ratchet snipe of a friend. My current mancrush monday is the extremely handsome Dave Franco.


Tuesday, followers get to see how much I’ve changed over the past 10 years. Then again, to some people transforming means posting a picture from two weeks ago next to a picture taken the day of.


Wednesday my followers get to see my womancrush. It’s just like Monday but the female version. Not a lot of creativity there. My womancrush wednesday is and always will be Jenna Marbles.


Thursday is throwback fo’ days. Out of every day, #tbt seems to be the most commonly posted. My followers get to see pictures of my family and I from eight years ago or my best friend and I in second grade.


Friday doesn’t really have it’s own official hashtag. Usually the pictures on a Friday are from the football games. It will be of me and my friends at the game or maybe a picture of the Catpound if it’s a home game.

Saturday doesn’t even get its own hashtag. Poor thing. However, If there’s a concert, party or something of that nature, instagram users will be sure to see some pictures.

If you can’t recognize these commonplace instagram hashtags then it’s obvious that instagram isn’t one of your apps.

A hashtag is the pound key followed by a cluster of words that usually has something to do with their corresponding picture. Hashtags were originally designed to create trackable themes within social networks, forming public forums within each social media where strangers share thoughts on a common topic or interest.

An average picture on instagram will be captioned with two to three hashtags after the caption, but there’s also those people that feel the need to put 15.

We all know a certain person who participates in hashtag week every single day of every single week.

I call it instagram Abuse. I shouldn’t be hypocritical though because I post pictures on instagram about five out of the seven days a week.

Nevertheless, I don’t find that these daily pictures and their corresponding hashtags are needed. #every. #single. #week.

We all see each other every day at school, then when we go to check instagram, we get to see each other even more! Daily pictures are overkill.

Instagram could be taken down a few notches.

Although hashtag weeks are so entertaining, they’re so totally unnecessary.

So what will be a solution to these hashtag weeks? We should limit ourselves to so many posts per week or month. One hashtag week a month would be a perfect amount, stopping the instagram Abuse.

Just like Myspace and facebook, slowly, social networks are doomed to fade, along with the vocabulary these networks introduced: selfies, hashtag, throwbacks, etc.

Let’s keep instagram alive. #StopInstgramAbuse