Opinions: The little things: Hello

Excited for no reason, like a little kid


Hannah Mellor

My puppy Daisy is both adorable and infuriating. I love her to pieces although that can be hard to remember when she’s had yet another accident.

This is my first column. I am a sophomore on a small but mighty news staff. Being among the youngest writer, I am excited to be able to voice my perspective here because life constantly surprises me whether it be finding an extra dollar in my pocket, the new friend I made in math class, wearing a new outfit for the first time, or going out to Sunday brunch with my mom, dad and little brother and sister.

Those surprises aren’t always positive like when I forgot my volleyball stuff and I had to inconvenience my busy parents to bring those items up here or having to wade through the poop and pee of our new puppy hour in and hour out.

I have found–like my eight-year-old brother pulling at my shirt hem driving me crazy–that little things can have big impact.

I am worried that my peers are too caught up in the quest for happiness, that their biggest regret in life is not being happy enough or not doing things that make them happy.

Rather than waiting for the perfect moment I vow to enjoy every little thing.

To me it’s the stormy nights cuddled up in my bed, mint ice cream filling my belly, watching “How I met your mother,” or the feeling I get in my stomach when I’ve laughed so hard like when my teammate hit my inattentive best friend in the face with a ball.

It’s getting to eat peanut butter with a spoon right out of the jar and solo dance parties in my room at 2 a.m.

These are the little moments. This is what life’s all about. Because life–real–life is hard. Life is filled with pain and loss and struggle. Life is my boyfriend breaking up with me and me crying for six months and being a moody mess.

I could have stayed there–heartbroken and miserable.

For a long portion of my freshmen year I found myself always waiting for that “magical moment” in high school that people see in movies. The big finale. The answer to all my questions. When freshmen year ended and the magical moment never came, I realized I was wrong.

There is no “magical moment.”

I can’t get caught up in what I can’t control. If I take life day-by-day, focusing on the positive and being grateful for the little things, I’ll be happy.

Making my way into sophomore year, I have found happiness. I haven’t been this happy in what seems like forever, and I finally figured out why.

My life is great. I am a Wildcat volleyball player. I’m making my journalism dreams come true by joining the Hub. I’m talking to old friends that I haven’t seen in forever. I even got a puppy a couple weeks ago.

I’m happy because I have begun to enjoy the little things in life: my mom’s favorite song, my little brother’s toy truck, my grandpa’s laugh.

I want to be excited for no reason like a little kid.

I am not waiting for the big things to come around. Because those little moments? Those little things? They aren’t so little.